Personalized Teaching and Learning Center


  • Customize Moodle LMS to allow teachers to search activities from activities archive. Teachers will copy all relevant activities from the archive of the activities and create their own personalized learning sequence as part of their course using most popular and high ranked activities.
  • Allow teachers to share their own activities to the public activities archive.
  • Allow teachers to copy courses,activities and sections of others teachers to their own moodle
  • Allow teacher to communicate and rate activities in social community interface inside moodle application
  • Allow teachers to share their courses with other specific teachers


  • Technical solution was developing extended moodle plugins using Moodle Common Standards Use backup and restore common mechanism of the Moodle to share and copy courses and activities Customize and developed local metadata plugins to add attributes to the items Developing filters
  • Customize and developed local metadata plugins to add attributes to the items


Linux Mysql PHP Laravel Boostrap HTML jQUery CSS Javascrip

How it Looks


Devlion’s Moodle developers team helped to develop new technology-based LMS project “Petel”. This application helps Israeli physics teachers to introduce personalized learning sequences to their students. With PeTeL, teachers can browse through a Web-based environment offering a range of digital textbooks, resources and interactive activities, as well as teaching sequences uploaded by other teachers.