A place for students, parents, as well as for teachers and academics in education to collaborate


  • Customize Moodle LMS, to allow teachers to filter relevant tasks for students and display them on the main page in engaging manner.
  • Upgrading course format to allow flexible management of compound courses, adding nested topics and attached topics within one course.
  • Creation a new course format, giving the teacher opportunity to create a visualization of the course milestones, presented as circles on a course path, for their students.
  • Customization of the current quiz page, adding a question type filter for easy checking and passing of the quiz
  • Adding new type of user form fields on personal profile page


  • Development of a new course format and updating an existing course format
  • –°reating a new project homepage template
  • –°ustomization of exam page design, adding question filter
  • Introduction of a mechanism for filtering activities for students in accordance with defined criteria


Mysql PHP Boostrap HTML jQUery CSS Javascrip SASS

How it Looks


Davidson project aims to help and improve the interactive communication between students and teachers. Thanks to the solutions implemented in the project, new opportunities for learning appeared for the implementation of non-standard approaches when preparing new courses. Creating large composite courses with user-friendly content management. And for students, in turn, intuitive and easy access to all activities in which they are involved.